Accessing Weehawken Recreation Facilities by Bicycle

Weehawken Municipal Pool Complex – Sept, 2021 @Bike Weehawken

We’re excited as you are that our Weehawken Pool is open for the 2022 summer season. However, access to the pool and to the nearby tennis courts, track, and other recreation facilities continues to be a safety and security challenge for many residents. The most common concerns we hear from residents are that it is unsafe to ride their bicycle to the pool from anywhere in Weehawken and that locking your bike up is not a secure nor accessible experience.

To solve these safety and security issues, we propose 1) installing a protected bike lane along Port Imperial Boulevard (River Road) to alleviate the issue of safety, 2) while also installing multiple bike racks at the immediate entrance to the pool facility to address the issue of security.

For the next steps, please answer our petition to tell us if you support making access to the Weehawken Township Municipal pool safer and more secure for all residents.

I bike and want safer, and more secure access to Weehawken Recreation Facilities by bicycle

I want protected bike lane access to and from Weehawken’s Recreation facilities on the Weehawken waterfront and the ability to secure my bicycle to a bike rack during my visit. 

Having safer access to the facility and security during my visit will enable me to enjoy the pool, tennis courts, track, and other facilities without risking my life or having my bicycle at risk of theft.

I believe that all residents, no matter what form of transportation they choose, should have equitable options and want the Township of Weehawken to take these actions.

16 thoughts on “Accessing Weehawken Recreation Facilities by Bicycle

  1. Erin

    Biking from the Shades to the pool is dangerous, especially when I have a kid in a bike seat. Crossing the intersection near Dykes and the light rail is extremely difficult and unsafe.
    We also need the front main entrance to the pool accessible to pedestrians and bicycles. It adds an additional 10-15 minutes to walking time from Estuary/Lincoln Harbor with a child to have to walk all the way to the park and then back to the pool. This is difficult when walking with kids to add such additional time because the gate is closed to even pedestrians.

    1. Isabela Teixeira

      I agree 100% with opening the pool’s main entrance! It is really inconvenient to walk all the way close to the softball fields to walk back to the pool.

      1. Bike Weehawken Post author

        Hi Isabela! We agree, that entrance used to be accessing to all of us coming from the South.

        We encourage you to contact the Weehawken Township Council to request this change.

    2. Bike Weehawken Post author

      Thank you Erin! That stretch with both intersections is treacherous and we hope that proposed solutions will come from the Weehawken Township to ensure safe access for the Shades neighborhood.

  2. Felipe

    They made a nice pool now make a nice path for all of us to use.
    Bikers, as well as walkers, UNITE!

    1. Bike Weehawken Post author

      Thanks Karen! That’s what we hope the Weehawken Township will do, due to our collective community efforts communicating this need around safe access.

  3. Natalie

    It is challenging to navigate oneself and our families safely to the park even walking, and safe access by biking would be ideal! We are also hoping for a bikeshare program for the long span of Weehawken waterfront (which we had in 2020 but was discontinued). But safety features first! Bike lanes and bike racks are very important!

    1. Bike Weehawken

      Thank you Natalie! We’ve sent the CitiBike contacts to Weehawken Township in April who manage CitiBike for Hoboken and Jersey City’s CitiBike program. We would encourage you to contact the Weehawken Township to also follow up and request this restoration of a bike share program we used to have up until 2020.

    2. Dan

      Having a protected bike lane on Pt Imperial is a good idea, and at the least would alleviate the issues of bikers dangerously getting close to children, pets and other pedestrians on the walkways and promenades.

      The fact of the matter is this town is not very large. Just having protected bike lanes on Port Imperial, Pershing (mostly for people going down the hill, although theoretically I guess you could go up) and JFK BLVD/19th St could create a loop that most could use for safer access to all parts of town.

      In my opinion, the town is also in desperate need of an elevator which should connect lower parts of town to the Palisades. if built right, it could hold people and bikes in it, and this would also encourage more walkability in Weehawken. the steps are a deterrent for many including myself (someone who is generally physically fit and in late 30s), so I can only imagine what a deterrent they are for older people or those with mobility issues. Not having an elevator in my opinion isolates neighbors to specific parts of town. Having this combo of protected bike lanes and an elevator that could carry bikes would do a lot of good for the connectivity of the town.


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