Bicycle Security in Weehawken

We’ve been excited to see more people bicycling throughout Weehawken, and as such, we ask ourselves when we want to get to where we’re going away from our home, where do we securely lock up our bicycles?

Until we get CitiBike in Weehawken, we’ve recognized that more racks are being installed throughout Weehawken for bicycles from Whole Foods to our new Weehawken Municipal Pool Complex, we believe it’s important for us to have a definitive list and eventually an interactive map so that we can plan our routes to ensure we have a secure place to securely leave our bicycles.

To kickstart this effort, we’ve provided an initial list of bike racks currently installed from the waterfront to the hill.

To make this as comprehensive and complete as possible, we seek your assistance as a community to complete this with us.

In addition, we’d love to know where you think we should have a bike rack where we currently do not have one.

7 thoughts on “Bicycle Security in Weehawken

  1. Andrew Caracciolo

    Returning Bike Share to Weehawken would make running errands and commuting much easier. Someone headed to NYC could bike to the Hoboken PATH station and save the light rail fare as well as time. This is an important part of making Weehawken a better place to live.

  2. Joshua Brook

    It would be so great to have Citibike in Weehawken. It would make Hoboken so much more accessible to those without cars. Personally, I would love to have a Citibike dock at the intersection of Shippen Street and Gregory Avenue.

  3. Narin Gulec

    Our Weehawken community need this widely use bike share service to commute like the rest of metropolitan area residents. It is the greenest and healthiest way to travel for us. The suggested bike stations are great but definitely lacking for the hill area. Only 2 bike stations is not sufficient. It should be 4 by the water and 4 on the hill. Hamilton Park area would be a vital point for commuters since it is the beginning of the hill and people can bike to ferry in this way, or bike to Hoboken easily. Another station might be on the most northern edge of Weehawken border on Boulevard East again. This would change our lives.

  4. John Oh

    How about places up on the hill. On Gregory ave or down the back streets that are dead ends. I’ve seen people lock their bikes on trees because there aren’t places to lock their bikes.

  5. Margaret Foley

    We have thousands of apartments in Weehawken all without storage for bicycles! We need a bike share service throughout the city. It’s an integral part of what makes an urban environment livable.


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