Interest in Restoring Bike Share Service in Weehawken

For five years, Weehawken had benefitted from Hudson Bike Share from 2015 until October, 2020. Since this time, there has been no service available to residents, creating a gap of service despite significant interest and usage of this bike share program.

@Bike Weehawken, October 2021

According to the latest usage data by Citibike, Jersey City and neighboring Hoboken’s Citibike bicycle share program have seen steady increases since their inception. And while there is no Citi Bike service in Weehawken, there are regular sightings of people riding Citi Bikes along the Weehawken waterfront and a flurry of inquiries to us about the potential of Citi Bike coming to Weehawken.

To date, Bike Weehawken has made the necessary connections between the Weehawken Township and Citibike, and hope to see Citibike come to Weehawken, unifying a network to neighboring Hoboken and Jersey City.

The question we have for our residents is, if Citi Bike comes to Weehawken, would you use it and if so, where would you take it?

25 thoughts on “Interest in Restoring Bike Share Service in Weehawken

  1. Tyler Newcomb

    If CitiBike were to make a return to Weehawken, it would increase my ability to travel to friends and businesses in Weehawken as a resident of the Jersey City Heights. As someone who gets around exclusively by bike, my ability to travel to, spend time in, and patronize businesses in Weehawken would greatly improve with resumed citibike service.

  2. Lisa

    Yes please! We moved in fall of 2020 and when we looked in the area one of the thugs we loved was the bike share. By the time that we actually moved in, the bikes were gone. I use city bike to get around NYC to commute to work already and it would be hugely helpful to have bikes up and down the entirety of the port imperial waterfront (the part north of weehawken too) which would streamline my commute even further!

  3. Lauren Juskelis

    Before moving to Weehawken I used a bike sharing service like Citibike religiously! I would definitely use it if it came to Weehawken. It would allow me to get to the events I do in Hoboken (weekly game night at Play Hoboken) without having to find parking. I’d also use it to just take rides along Boulevard East. I have a bike but I really don’t use it much because it’s a hassle to find parking for a bike, and bikes can get stolen easily, and I have to do maintenance on it. All of these things aren’t problems with bike sharing services so I much prefer them over having a bike of my own. I would ride a bike more and drive less if we had Citibike in Weehawken.

  4. Samantha

    Yes, having citi bike would be a game changer! I moved to Weehawken just before the previous bikes were removed and used it quite frequently. I would use citibike probably more than 4 times a week!

  5. Rakesh

    Yea absolutely!! My wife and I have lives in Weehawken and that is one of the only things missing. It’s much harder to get the bikes from Hoboken and have to return there as well

  6. Pascale Nijhof

    Yes! My younger son and I both have Citibike memberships and would use Citibike in Weehawken to get to the ferry for work, to ride to school and to do errands and shopping in Hoboken and Jersey City.

  7. Joshua Brook

    It would be wonderful to have Citibike service in Weehawken. Great for residents and businesses alike. Mayor Turner & council — please do the right thing!

  8. Eliana Yarian

    Yes, I would use it and I am highly interested in Citibike in Weehawken. I use it in NYC almost everyday and would be great to bike in the Weehawken promenade on a daily basis – so much easier and greener to use bike instead of buses.

  9. Daniel Salcedo

    Yes I would use it for sure. I have a city bike membership and it would help me on my local commutes.

  10. Krystle

    I have been hoping for citibike to come to weehawken/west New York! I moved here shortly after the bike share went away and was very disappointed. I would use a city bike every day for both commuting and leisure.

  11. Valdelena R.

    While I’m not a frequent bike rider, I’d love to have a bike share service in Weehawken, especially on te waterfront mainly for leisure and exercise.

  12. Kristen

    Absolutely! I was so disappointed when the bikeshare was taken away and though it would be replaced the following spring/summer. I used the bikes all the time to go all over, whether it was just for a ride along the water or to get somewhere within Weehawken, Hoboken, JC, Edgewater. Now I uber so much because I don’t have a car. Please bring back the bikes! (Preferably the Citi bikes so we could go to Hoboken & JC where they do have them).

  13. Russell

    Well-run bikeshare programs represent one of the best investments governments can make in the health and sustainability of our communities. Citibike has the benefit of network effects with the surrounding region. On the other hand, they are both expensive and insist on anti-competitive policies. (They mandate that they cannot have any competition in areas where they operate.) Ideally, our governments would provide this public good at a nominal costs so all can enjoy, they way they do public streets and streetlights. It’s that basic and important!

  14. Alyssa

    Yes! bikes would let us do so many more things, working out, exploring, it would have so many benefits

  15. Adam Berkowitz

    I wouldn’t be a frequent rider, but it be nice to have the option to get to Hoboken and back and not have to park or spend money on gas.

  16. Brian Bejarano

    This would be a great implementation for our town! Over time, the biking community will continue to grow and I would love to see Weehawken become even more bike friendly. As it has been with our neighbor townships, bike lanes and bike share services can play a pivotal role in decreasing traffic, having greener means of getting around and promoting overall physical wellness!

  17. Fernanda

    I moved here last year, and it is so disappointing not to have bikes here. I work in Hoboken, and it would be great to go from Port Imperial to the neighbour city by bike!

  18. Lisha

    Weehawken 100% needs to get with the citibike program! Along blvd east too. It will make getting around our town, and to Hoboken and Edgewater much easier.

  19. Erika

    Yes please!!
    This would be a great progress for our town! the biking community will continue to grow and I would love to see Weehawken become even more bike friendly.

  20. I highly recommend that you bring back this program. It’s your civic duty under penalty of perjury and it will make the community feel like a real part of Hudson County.

    I highly recommend that you bring back this program. It’s your civic duty under penalty of perjury and it will make the community feel like a real part of Hudson County.


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