Safer Streets Signup Event a Success!

We had a successful Safer Streets Signup event this past weekend with over a hundred signups in a matter of hours during the two-day event. We were encouraged by the overwhelming show of support in making the necessary changes to our infrastructure to ensure we can enjoy a safer cycling experience without taking on significant risks.

As one of the Hudson Valley’s most recognized waterfronts, residents and neighbors of Weehawken enjoy riding the long stretches along Port Imperial Boulevard, and River Road along the waterfront.  As population and traffic growth increases, risks to cyclists have increased, as our infrastructure has not been adjusted to accommodate this growth. 

We’re excited to engage with our growing community to share more ideas on how we can enhance and protect cyclists so that we can all have a safer cycling experience along the Hudson River.

We’ll leave you with photos from our weekend as inspiration reflecting why community truly matters.

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