The History of Bicycling with the Weehawken Police Department

Boulevard East & 48th Street and Pershing Road, Weehawken, NJ (1900)

We know that Weehawken has a long history of focus on safety and security since the turn of the century, two areas of focus of our police department.

This rich history of the police department with bicycles, from patrols to safety clinics started with bicycle patrols, and expanded into offering bicycle safety clinics, and even registration for residents, all from the Weehawken Police Department.

In the fifties, there were bike inspections that were conducted to ensure that each resident was following the proper safety protocols.

In the nineties, there were investments in bike patrol squads to the force with fully equipped bicycles. It was Mayor Turner who decided that three mountain bikes would be provided, along with financial support from the Policemen’s Benevolent Association. The bicycle patrols helped cover the King’s Bluff, Shades, and Reservoir area at the time.

We’ll wrap up this historical summary with our favorite quote from Officer Welz.

On a motorcycle you’re going by at 25 miles per hour, in a car the officer is in a shell, but on a bike he can really interface with the community

– Officer Welz

Today, Weehawken continues to support police officers on bicycles and we’re looking forward to sharing more information on this as we fully agree that on a bicycle, one can really interface with the community.

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